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What does the app do?

 Simply put, the app allows you to import a list of Wi-Fi networks around you into your phone/device so it automatically connects to them without you having to manually enter in the networks info.

How does DataSaver get the list of Wi-Fi networks?

  Our users automatically share any open (non-secure) networks they connect to along with GPS coordinates and other information. Users can also share private networks and will soon be able to lease access with the addition of the GWAP cryptocurrency. Thanks to our community this app has gotten over 85,000 downloads on the Android Play Store and more are joining the community each day.

Still wondering how

  You can save mobile data costs using the DataSaver app? If you use the Internet on your phone/device,you might be on a limited mobile data plan. Avoid using your data plan and join one of DataSavers shared networks. Start using the DataSaver app to save on your mobile data costs and start saving money!


Public WiFi

Connect to open public networks automatically.

Private WiFi

Connect to private networks that have been shared.


Import Public and shared Private WiFi networks.


Import networks when you travel to a new city.


Share your list of networks to other users.


Strengthen the network by staking GWAP with Masternodes.

Our Management Team

Corey Faulkerson
Founder - CEO

Corey Faulkerson is an American entrepreneur and founder of Ahead of Technology LLC. Enjoys coding in HTML, PHP and Java on a L.A.M.P. Stack. Corey invented DataSaver to share Internet with the people who need it most.

William Perrin
Director of Social Media & Cyber Security

American entrepreneur with a strong background in Cyber Security. Will has a Bachelors Degree in Information System Cybersecurity. Will Joined the DataSaver team in 2018.

Dave Cook
UI/UX, Graphic Design

Graphic Designer for many companies prior to DataSaver, he has helped brand and promote products, with a focus on the end user experience. Dave has been a part of the DataSaver Team since 2013.

Steve Guru
Android / iOS Developer

A versatile, creative and well schooled programmer who speaks java, c++ and HTML fluently. Guru resides in Nigeria and has been a part of the DataSaver Team since 2013.

Kevin Smith
Marketing and Advertising

Saint Louis native with a degree from Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) with expertise in marketing and advertising. Kevin joined DataSaver in 2018.


Early Bitcoin adapter and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Subject expert in masternodes and POS algorithms. Herminout has been an advisor since the launch of the blockchain.

Proudly Serving Over 143,48 Networks.